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Nienburger Str. 7, 27755 Delmenhorst

T: +49 (0) 4221.98379-0
F: +49 (0) 4221.98379-10

7 Nienburger Str.
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GIRSCHNER Marine is a high-class division of the GIRSCHNER company. For more than 20 years GIRSCHNER Marine stands for first-class and innovative refrigeration and air conditioning systems within the luxury and mega yacht industry. GIRSCHNER Marine designs custumized, high-end and state-of-the-arts refrigeration concepts from its design up to the installation and monitoring. A promise we fulfil worldwide.


Rack Cooling Units

Water cooled heat exchanger

Rack Cooling Units
from 1,000 W to 20,000 W

The Rack Cooling Units (RCU) air/water-heat exchangers achieve, depending on the provided cooling water, a high cooling effectiveness. A cooling capacity of 1,000 to 20,000 W can be achieved at temperatures of 4 to 8 °C cooling water inlet and air temperatures from 27 to 35 °C. The construction design is a perfect balance independent of ambient influences and maintenance accessibility unlike other cooling units on the market. The entire casing is made of stainless steel. Only brand-named and renowned components are installed inside. Higher energy efficiency is reached due to reduced power loss and heat development of EC fans inside. All Rack Cooling Units are equipped with electronic touch controllers. The Rack Cooling Units are highly recommended for the use in applications with high ambient temperatures or heavily polluted ambient air.

The Rack Cooling Units can be equipped with several optional extras such as condensate pumps or other voltages. All Rack Cooling Units can be designed according to customer requirements.


Standard advantages:

  • High cooling capacity yet space-saving

  • Stainless steel, powder-coated

  • EC fans and electronic controllers

  • Ideal for rough environments

  • Bleeder valve for airing

  • Air filters

Electronic Controller

The GIRSCHNER controller is operated via touch buttons and is equipped with a high-quality glass pane. Functions like

power on / off, temperature setting (between 20-35 °C), status messages, and alarms are available by default. Alarms can be forwarded via a potential-free alarm contact. A connection via modbus or to a network for remote monitoring is available.


All solutions can be modified in size, design and equipment to customer requirements. Optional extras can be:

  • Air flow out from side to top

  • Condensate pump

  • Direct expansion

  • Transfer duct for air flow out at front

  • Voltages, other than 230


Rack Cooling Units are available in four different solutions

19” integrated Rack Cooling Units

From 1,000 W to 6,000 W*

Side-munted Rack Cooling Unit

From 1,000 W to 20,000 W*


Top-mounted Rack Cooling Units

From 1,000 W to 8,000 W*

RCU top-mounted.png

Between-mounted Rack Cooling Units

From 8,000 W to 20,000 W*

RCU between-mounted.png

* Reference data: Water with 20% glycol | Water inlet 6°C | Water outlet 12°C | Air inlet 35°C | Humidity 50% r.F.